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Opposition Emails Sent to MPC 5/14/19

 The below link will take you to a compilation of opposition emails that were emailed to Marcus Lotson,  Development Services Director at the MPC, for the 5/14/19 MPC Hearing. 

Click Here to Read Opposition Emails sent to Marcus Lotson (MPC)

MPC 5/14/19 Hearing Agenda, Minutes, Audio, and Video


 Access the MPC agenda as well as all of the attachments relative to the hearing that took place on 5/14/19.  Over 100 residents appeared before the MPC and of those, 22 selected cards to speak > 20 were in opposition; 2 were in support.  

NOTE: Scroll down until you reach the 5/14/19 Meeting Date - you will see Agenda, Minutes, Audio, and Video

Click here to access the Agenda, Minutes, Audio, and Video from the 5/14/19 MPC Hearing

Opposition Emails on the Petition Site

 The below link will take you to the petition site where you can read the comments from those who have signed the petition and their reasons for signing.  NOTE: Scroll down to "Reasons for signing" and then click on the "View all reasons for signing" to see the full list. 

Click here to read comments by those who signed the petition

In the News - WTOC


 On May 14, 2019, WTOC took live coverage of the crowd attendance at the MPC meeting on the proposed Skidway Island Development.   Watch this coverage via the link below.  

Click here to watch the WTOC News Coverage

In the News - WJCL


 On May 20, 2019, WJCL reached out to those in opposition to the proposed development on Green Island Road.  Watch this coverage via the link below. 

Click here to watch the WJCL news coverage

Who in the Community Can You Contact?



MPC Development Services Director

Marcus Lotson

 Matthew Lonnerstater

MPC Planning Commissioners

     Joseph Ervin

Ellis Cook

Linder   Suthers

Joseph Welch

Tommy Branch

Travis Coles

Karen   Jarrett

Lacy   Manigault

Tanya Milton

Wayne Noha

Eula Parker

Tom Woiwode

Lee Smith

Pat Monahan